PADCDI is the association of leaders promoting blockchain innovations in the Philippines.

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Promote Innovation

PADCDI members work together to transform and build a more innovative and progressive ecosystem for everyone.


Become a Leader

Lead change in the Philippines among organizations with similar interests and initiatives for the country.

Industry Connections

Cooperate and connect with successful organizations that are building the digital ecosystem of the Philippines.

Work with us to move the Philippines forward

Membership is open to any organizations that seek to promote digital commerce, distributed technologies, and innovation within the Philippines. Our members support, cooperate, and contribute to the progress of mutual initiatives and the goals of PADCDI.

Our members are bound by a Code of Conduct to ensure the integrity and sustainability of the digital commerce and distributed technologies ecosystems within the Philippines. By regulating our own members, PADCDI members maintain a stronger and more preferable identity among competing organizations and jurisdictions.

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Paticipate in a committee and join the movement


Work with the code of conduct and the governing rules of the association.


Work on reviewing projects dealing with crypto exchanges, token sales and other technologies.


Work with government, developing regulations around blockchain technologies.


Help with programs designed to educate companies, government and universities.


Help with strategies to promote blockchain technologies, in order to help position Philippines as a leader.


Work on developments regarding committee, and organizing through automations.