Welcome to PADCDI

Published April 30, 2018

We believe that our ability to bridge, to cross-pollinate, and to find the sweet spot is our strength. Like technology that has become a game changer as well as the great equalizer we intend to be the hi touch to the high tech. Today we present PADCDI in its infancy stage of barely a month ½ from its inception in the SEC office of Commissioner Ephyro Luis Amatong . We are a growing stronghold of 70 digital commerce, fintech , and other tech related company strong definitely complementary to each other.

PADCDI is a cross industry wide organization embracing government and private sector for the people of the Philippines. Bourne from the priorities of our dear President Mayor Digong Duterte’s pro-poor 10 point socio-economic agenda. We heed to the urgency to find answers to fill up the marginalized hungry bellies, homeless, sick and lacking in opportunities. What is evident is that our geographical set up makes goods and services difficult and expensive. It is not enough to build build, build we dig in deeper and solve the socio-economic woes of the struggling Filipino employee, the self employed, micro entrepreneur sector who represents a whopping 90% of the population who struggle to bring food on the table, a roof on their heads, and medicare to their sick at the barest of their requirements.

PADCDI as a leader of the pack in its compendium of Technology specialized companies experts, Regulatory Technology background, and wealth of the best brains gives direction to the overlays of technology, on all industries and government creating have frictionless environment for the marginalized.

The SEC is our guiding oracle to make sure our programs are in order. We have a government advisory board headed by former Usec. RELI FAJARDO (now board in Pag-Ibig, our President is Atty. Bong Suntay (board now of PAGCOR). In legislative agenda; we have Cong. Strike Revilla, and I head the coordination with the ConCom, BIR, SEC and DOF as liaison.

We have the best and compliant tech companies tackling the most challenging requirements to forge the nation as a whole. The best of the Philippine Tech Community is here in PADCDI. They were courted to join us and they are here with us. We even have very old industry leaders, large companies who have embraced technology with us. To make it more inclusive we invited and continue to invite students who will be going into the decentralized technologies to pursue transparency.

Sad status of the learning community is that the only ones who can afford to educate themselves are middle class Filipinos. So with that in mind we will have a continuous effort and have started talks with govt. As well as private international and local educational institutions to keep us abreast with technology. So as a pillar we are pushing for increase in manpower pool of technology experts thru education, training, competitive opportunities and partnering with all. So today we break our very short haitus to give an overview to the public what PADCDI is. Incidentally we are at the moment the only digital organization with specialization is Islamic Fintech in the Philippines.

Written by: Mary Rose Magsaysay