PADCDI Membership Information

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Industry Members

Industry members are organizations that directly implement distributed ledger technologies within their products or services.

Partner Members

Partner members are organizations that provide technical, legal, or commercial services to individuals or organizations.

Our members enjoy these benefits


Association Approval

All members are afforded the opportunity to apply for approval by the Association in certifying validity and integrity.

Professional Networking

Connect with leaders across digital-related industries in and outside of the Philippines to achieve your goals.

Promote Progress

Participate in PADCDI committees, conferences, workshops, and other initiatives to promote a more educated, advanced, and innovative ecosystem.

Social Media

Member achievements and information are celebrated via our public social media outlets and newsletters.

Education Programs

Teach regulators and future customers about modern technologies, skills, and ideas while promoting your brand.

Job Network

Connect with technical schools and communities to build your team that has the technical capital to push your organization forward.